Income Generation

Skill Development

Rajiv yuva shakti

The objective of the program was to empower the  youth through self-employment schemes and capacity building and financial  assistance in the form of subsidies and facilitate them  for  bank...

NAC – National Academy of Construction

The Government in its endeavour to create better livelihoods through skill development and training has offered the BPL youth an opportunity to get trained under a programme conducted by NAC...

Rajiv udyogasri

In the current budget for 2008-09 the state government has provided Rs.130 crore for the  program aimed  at  promoting skills among  rural and semi urban youth  and  make them compatible for...


Retail Income Generation

Generating Income from Wealth hidden in Waste

Overcoming Technofobia

AP Micro Irrigation Project on Farm Water Management under NMSA

NGO – Income Generation

SBC Work 4

SBC Work 3

SBC Work 2

SBC Work 1

Part Time Income Generation



Gramodyogrojgar Yojana

EGMM – Jobs in private sector

EGMM – Employment generation and marketing mission


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Workshops at Seva Mela

Social Entrepreneur Network (S E N) conducted the following workshops at Seva Mela on 3rd and 4th of Oct2015. 3 additional workshops were taken and 4 overview presentation was shared

EGMM – Employment generation and marketing mission

Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM) of the Department of Rural Development works in a focused manner to provide employment/ employability for the rural youth from the economic...


The AP Government has formulated an innovative scheme called UPADHI (Urban Programme for Advancement of Household Income) with a vision to focus and provide livelihoods to the poorest of the...