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About us

Social Entrepreneur Network is an initiative of Resource Development Centre (RDC) established in 2009 and working in a focused manner to reach out to NGOs with professional services at affordable prices.

We live in special times where technology, abundance and organization at a world-wide level has made a global village where everything has a great opportunity to spread. THE SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR NETWORK is an attempt to bridge this gap to facilitate

  • NGO >>> NGO; [Many organizations including NGOs work independently.]
  • Government >>> NGO; [Governments and philanthropists have welfare schemes with lots of eligible and deserving folks. ]
  • Government and NGO >>> beneficiary [Many deserving miss out simply by not being reached.]
  • Corporate >>> NGO [Helping corporates and NGOs to collaborate effectively.]
  • Youth & Volunteers >>> NGO [Talent and energy for social benefit]

We look to serve and invite all like minded individuals, organizations and corporations to work with us in reaching out…. We promote not only social but also societal enterprises.

SEN divides its work in two broad categories and is open to work with any NGO anywhere in India.

  • SEN-Lifecycle consisting of low-cost services, Training and consulting.
    • SEN-Lifecycle is driven by women workers (mahila-udyog), most of whom work from home and provide the focus and detail-orientation required by NGOs.
  • SEN-Projects consisting of Projects in Water, Waste, Energy, Food involving Farmers, Youth, Women and Elderly.
    • SEN-Projects is driven by Champions, who are individuals (karma-bandhus) passionate about a cause, region, sector or value with a driving passion and doing something about this. These champions are focused and action-oriented.

Everyone must have a balanced diet, a decent house to live in, facilities for the education of one’s children and adequate medical relief.

– Harijan, 31/3/1946 page 63

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