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Mission and Vision

Mission    : To enable NGOs

Vision       : Every NGO working to its fullest potential.

Impact      : NGOs empowered will change the nation. A changed nation will change the world.

Focus        : World change will happen when every family is impacted. We are only hoping to make a small difference to the next family after we are done with the current one.

Three year Goals

  1. Create an NGO database of over 10,000 NGOs starting from the first one.
  2. Create websites for 500 NGOs and train them to keep this updated regularly.
  3. Identify all GOs and present them in an easy to access manner on the directory portal.
  4. Enlist 50 colleges to partner and allow their students access to different NGOs.
  5. Achieve 25,000 direct contact days between students and NGOs
  6. Create employment opportunities for 1,200 individuals.
  7. Publish 50 weekly newsletters and the annual directory.