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Bihar Flood Relief


This is a live photograph sent to us by a local well wisher from Bihar. We hold the other pictures as we dont want to disturb you with painful photographs!

We dont know their religion or their caste. What we know is these two boys are human beings! At the most I can say that they are Indians!!

Therefore being a human being and being an Indian, I seek your support to extend a helping hand to these distressed and displaced individuals whose everything has been washed away in the last weeks’ floods in Bihar.

Helping Hands pledged a support of 5000 kgs of rice, an equivalent amount of Rs 2.5 lakhs.

Amount Received – Rs 38,000 – short of Rs 2.12 lakhs.

Donations Received from the following people:

Shahana Fatima
Rizwan Hyder
Shakeela Fatima
Asad Abedi
Rupa Abdi
Mirza Salman Hyder

Other things needed – Used clothes (dresses, blankets, sweaters, baby shawls, etc.

Cheques can be written in the name of Helping Hands, otherwise electronic transfers can be done in the following account:

Helping Hands, ICICI Bank, Nallakunta Branch, A/c No 037005005903, IFSC Code: ICIC0000370

Clothes can be dropped at Kapda Bank, Abid Ali Khan Eye Hospital, Chaderghat Road OR Room No 511, 5th Floor, Babukhan Building, Basheerbagh.

WE HOPE TO SEND THE TRUCK LOAD BY 3rd AUGUST 2016. Please do not delay as someone may not be alive to receive your help if we are late.

Contact Person – Dr Shaukat Mirza
Helping Hands do have an exemption under Section 80 G of Income Tax Act, 1961