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DOMWUA – Development of minority women in urban and rural areas

On the lines of DWACRA, the Corporation also provide Revolving Fund equivalent to their savings subject to a maximum of Rs 10,000/- to each group with condition that the all the group members should have regular saving and maintain required books. The Revolving Fund to the group is a grant. Eligibility

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EGMM – Employment generation and marketing mission

Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM) of the Department of Rural Development works in a focused manner to provide employment/ employability for the rural youth from the economically and socially under- privileged rural poor. EGMM is driven by a private sector cell, which evolves strategy with an eye on the market.

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Empowerment of disabled people in urban areas

With an ambition to reduce the vulnerability of the challenged urban poor by organising them into SHG, the AP government invested in building their capacities, providing them bank linkages, and sustainable livelihoods. In the last  one year 15,407 disabled persons are organized into 3529 SHGs, of which 896 groups are linked

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