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Guidelines for integrated housing & slum development programme (IHSDP)

Financing  Pattern Sl.No Description %  1 Unit Cost As per estimate of estimated cost  2 Individual  Bank Loan 10%  3 GOI Subsidy 80%  4 Beneficiary Contribution 10%     Eligibility a)  The beneficiary shall have 5 years of proven residence in the concerned Municipal Corporation/ Municipality and should enclose public documentary proof. b) The annual income of the beneficiary shall not exceed Rs.36,000/- per annum and should at least be

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Indiramma Urban permanent housing (UPH)

Financing  Pattern # Description Amount  1 Unit Cost  40,000  2 GOAP Loan 35,000  3 GOAP Subsidy 3,000  4 Beneficiary Contribution 2,000 Eligibility a)  He/She must be below poverty line. b) Annual Income shall not be more than     Rs.28,000/- c) He/She must have not benefited under any other Housing Scheme d) He/ She should possess title over land proposed for construction  of house. e) He/ She must have repayment capacity of loan

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DOMWUA – Development of minority women in urban and rural areas

On the lines of DWACRA, the Corporation also provide Revolving Fund equivalent to their savings subject to a maximum of Rs 10,000/- to each group with condition that the all the group members should have regular saving and maintain required books. The Revolving Fund to the group is a grant. Eligibility

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