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EGMM – Employment generation and marketing mission

Employment Generation and Marketing Mission (EGMM) of the Department of Rural Development works in a focused manner to provide employment/ employability for the rural youth from the economically and socially under- privileged rural poor.

EGMM is driven by a private sector cell, which evolves strategy with an eye on the market. The EGMM works in scale in public-private partnership mode with the main stakeholders being the government, private sector, and the women self help groups. The entire approach is a bottom-up approach, tailored to move the rural poor from the unorganized to the organized labour market.

The vision is to achieve sustained elimination of poverty of underprivileged Rural Youth, with a focus on remote areas. The mission is employment/employability enhancement of BPL Rural Youth through market-driven training .The objective is to project the much avowed goal of One Job for every poor family.

As part of the mission 191 training institutes have been set up in sectors ranging from services, construction to textiles, with a focus on tribal and remote areas. As of now 77,425 youth have been trained in the last two and half years and 17,500 youth are currently in the classrooms. 80% of the youth trained have been linked to entry level private sector jobs with annual salaries ranging from Rs.45,000 upwards in metros and Rs.24,000 upwards in semi-urban areas