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  • Will my NGO get any certificate from SEN?
    NGO Coordinator04-01-2015

    Yes. There will initially be a letter of appointment. Performance review will be done annually and certificate given to your NGO from the Social Entrepreneur Network [SEN ngo.in3ator.com].

  • How much money can a Micro Entrepreneur earn per month?
    NGO Coordinator09-05-2015

    Will largely depend on their initiative. We will be providing them product training and review challenges on a weekly basis. It is estimated that a micro-entrepreneur can earn between 7000 to 10000 per month based on sales.

  • How much will my NGO get per month and what type of monitoring is to be done?
    NGO Coordinator09-03-2015

    Your NGO will be responsible for the micro-entrepreneur and the micro-entrepreneur will be getting their payment from you. Everything should be transparent and declared. Good ethics is one of the critical success factors your micro-entrepreneurs will learn.  Your NGO must capture all contact information of each customer (an online form will be provided for same).

  • What is the warranty available for the products?
    NGO Coordinator09-05-2015

    Warranty varies from product to product. Kindly choose 5 products which should sell in your opinion. However, most products come with a min 1 year warranty.

  • What are the fast moving products?
    NGO Coordinator09-05-2015
    Mosquito coils(PE005-http://www.sunmart.in/shop/eco-friendly/herbal-mosquito-repellant/), Roof-top rainwater harvesting system(EF001-http://www.sunmart.in/shop/eco-friendly/roof-rain-water-harvestingfiltration-systems/), LED bulbs(PE003-http://www.sunmart.in/shop/gift/led-bulb-ac-aluminium-base/), LED tubes(PE002-http://www.sunmart.in/shop/gift/led-tube-light/), Rechargeable study lamp(PS010-http://www.sunmart.in/shop/gift/rechargeable-study-lamp/), 1 W lantern(PS001-http://www.sunmart.in/shop/retrofit/solar-lantern/), electronic emergency lamp(http://www.sunmart.in/shop/products/emergency-inverter-lantern/), solar home lighting system(http://www.sunmart.in/shop/retrofit/solar-home-lighting-system-with-output-ports-3nos-12v/).
  • How NGO gives products to a Micro Entrepreneur?
    NGO Coordinator07-05-2014
    The entrepreneurs will apply to your NGO and your NGO will coordinate directly with sunmart (an online form will be provided).
    In case of any challenges, SEN coordinator will get involved to help out.
    Your NGO will provide equipment to the micro-entrepreneurs. Financial arrangements with each micro-entrepreneur and credit system is left to your NGO to decide and implement. Your NGO will interact with SEN coordinator to ensure things are done professionally and SEN will guide your NGO.
    There will be no credit provided from Sunmart. The products will be provided at a discount to your NGO. We will strongly recommend that you start small and grow steadily.