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Purposed to create a directory for NGO’s to allow them

  • Better access to donors, beneficiaries, stake-holders
  • Better self accountability,
  • International visibility

The directory will be an online directory with regular updates. This directory will be a web portal which further coordinate with individual websites of each NGO. The following approach would be taken up to achieve this,

An online web-portal for the directory will be maintained with

  • A listing of NGO’s categorized into different focus areas of social impact.
  • A regular update of interesting work done by different NGOs – also published as a newsletter
  • An active online presence in facebook, linkedin, google+, etc.
  • Specific advertising focused on social entrepreneurs
  • Special section for donors – with option to choose to donate directly to NGOs in small figures
  • Discussion forums on various interest groups

The NGO’s interested in subscribing for an entry into the directory will be provided

  • A website free of cost – they pay for hosting and url registration.
  • Training at a highly subsidized cost to manage and keep their website updated. A blogging mechanism would be encouraged.
  • Free subscription to the online newsletters.
  • Virtually unrestricted access to registered donors and donor agencies
  • Access to relevant information and government orders on their area of interest
  • Access to a committed team to help with process, procedures involved in working with external organizations and government bodies.

Published material

  • A weekly newsletter will be started show-casing work being done by different NGO’s. Initially this will be purely an electronic version, but based on advertisements and financial support, a printed monthly edition can be considered.
  • An annual updated physical copy of the directory will be made available, with these books being made available at different book-stores. This directory will be envisaged as more than a simple listing.
  • Different influential and interested people will be enlisted by providing them better public exposure and obtain their direct support for different NGOs.
  • Collaboration with different news agencies including newspapers, magazines and news channels will be encouraged. These agencies will be given access to registered NGOs with their background work and websites.

Student involvement and Employment Generation

  • Active interfaces with colleges and students will be encouraged and senior students will be motivated to participate and contribute to different social causes of their interest.
  • Road-shows, village visits, technology and new practice adoption, education, etc. will be areas where students will be actively encouraged to participate.
  • Employment generation opportunities will be identified and nurtured and the students encouraged to identify areas of interest for themselves to create and obtain employment.
  • Students will be encouraged to help NGO’s with written work and regularly updating their websites.