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Part Time Income Generation

CubecOnline is collaborating with SEN to mentor NGOs in Part Time Income Generation. Mentors from SEN will collaborate with NGOs for setting up the mechanism.

  1. Aadhar Card, Voters id Card etc
  2. Skill Building Centre Work 1
  3. Skill Building Centre Work 2

On the ground reality is that many common people are facing difficulty in getting their Health cards, Aadhar cards, Voters id card, etc. The problem is more acute with the elderly and in rural areas. CubecOnline is facilitating helping people get their respective cards and is making this service available through NGOs. A nominal fee towards the work is charged by the NGO and the NGO can avail of helpdesk support from CubecOnline regarding updates, etc. This support will be provided in all states in the local language to help facilitate better.

The Skill building Centre’s are provided work which gives students an experience of “real” work. The curriculum is worked out in a graded way, so that the students are able to actually earn as they build new skills and learn better at the same time.

Interested NGOs can get in touch with us. Mail to support@ngo.in3ator.com

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  1. OSCAR is keen interest to participate Part Time Income Generation work/job. Guidance is needed.

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