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Rajeev Prabhu

Rajeev Prabhu, KanchanRajeev Prabhu
Age : 38yrs
Profession: Service

Kanchan Prabhu (Wife)
Age : 36yrs
Profession: Service
We both were employed, but due to the illness we are Unemployed since last 6 months

Problem History:

Wife Kanchan Prabhu says,

“Since from 17th June 2014 to 19th June 2014 my husband, Mr. Rajeev Prabhu was admitted in Dr. Khandeparkars Nursing Home for Abdominal pain. As advised by Dr. Sanjiv Khandeparkar CT Scan was done which showed Circumferential concentric wall thickening of the transverse colon further evaluation was suggested for colonoscopy and Biopsy. Video colonoscopy done on 26th June 2014 which showed Tumor further asked to do Biopsy.

Histopathology report described Adenocarcinoma with signet ring cells (Layman language Colon Cancer). Referred to the Tata Memorial Center for further treatment department DMG Gastrointestinal because of the long waiting list he was then operated in Sion hospital by Dr. Mohan Joshi and his team on 21/07/2014 for Right Extensive hemicolectomy for cancer.

Post Operation Ultrasonography division found intra abdominal drain on 31/07/2014 so as a matter of urgency he was again operated on 01/08/2014 for (Re-exploration of anastomatic leak) after these two supra major surgery were performed on him he was kept in ICU and was very critical due to , Chest PT,Abdominal binder, Kept on CVP monitoring, Given CPAP and O2 (Oxygen) Hudson mask and given Incentine Spirometry after which again there was a STOMA leakage problem, pus was created in the wound due to improper care and sanitation of equipment. We had to abscond from Sion hospital due to the sheer negligence of the Doctors with the drian pipes and bags and IV wires attached in his hands in dire situation. Due to lack of proper support and advice we had to take drastic step to save his life. We then started taking treatment from a private oncologist surgeon (Cansure Center, Shradha building Jerbai Wadia Road, Parel ,Near Tata Hospital,Mumbai ).”

Concerned Contact Person:

Please find details of the doctors below
Dr. Amit R. Gandhi (M.S. Oncosurgery) , he was working with Tata Memorial Hospital for the period of six years as a surgeon, currently consulting for 
Cansure centre ,Shop No.2,
Shardha Building, Jerbai Wadia Road,
Parel, Mumbai-400012
Also a senior surgeon with
Vertex Hospital,
Phase II, Off L.B.S Marg
Veena Nagar, Mulund (West)
He is pretty well known amongst the doctors and known to provide very good medication.

What is the need?

Kanchan Prabhu Says,

Now my husband has to undergo the operation for Exploratory Lapartomy and Ileostomy Closure at Vertex Hospital, Veena nagar, Phase II Tulsi pipe line road Mulund (W), Mumbai 400080 and the cost estimated is Rs. 450000/-(Four lakhs fifty Thousand). We have visited many Trusts but have not made much progress, looking for timely help to save his life and our family.

Current Situation:

Total Cost = Rs.4,50,000

Collections Received So Far = Rs.2,17,250
Shortfall = Rs.2,32,747

Sl No From Mode of Payment Amount Cheque No Date Other Details
1 Jeev Daya Sansthan Cheque 25000  080750  15/11/2014  Axis Bank cheque payable to Vertex Hospital for Patient Rajeev Ramdas Prabhu
 2 Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha Cheque 20000  066416  02/11/2014  The Shamrao Vital Co op bank In the name of Vertex Hospital for patient Rajeev Prabhu
 3 Mayur Hotel Cheque 5100  103655  15/11/2014
 4 NarianDas Parmanand Sanitorium Trust Cheque 2000  363075  9/11/2014  Oriental Bank of Commerce Cheque In the name of Vertex Hospital for patient Rajeev Prabhu
 5 NarianDas Parmanand Sanitorium Trust Cheque 3000  363070  9/11/2014   Oriental Bank of Commerce Cheque In the name of Vertex Hospital for patient Rajeev Prabhu
 6 Jain Social Welfare Cheque 5000
 7 Vaswani Foundation NEFT 10000
 8 JSM Medical Trust 25000
 9 Shri Siddhivinayak Temple Trust 25000  24/11/2014
 10 Personal Savings Cash 30000
11 Jeeven Prakash Trust Cheque 5000 883841 29/11/2014 Indian Bank cheque in the name of Vertex Hospital for patient Rajeev Prabhu
12 Asian Youth Council Cheque 5000  000001 29/11/2014 HDFC Bank cheque in the name of vertex Hospital
13 Anonymous WU 6153 3/12/2014 Western Union
14 Mumbai Sindhi Cloth Merchants Cheque 5000 6/12/2014 Union Bank
15 Gandhi Saree Centre Cheque 1000 6/12/2014 HDFC Bank
16 Sahani Builders Cheque 5000 12/12/2014
17 Lion Mrs.Ashok Mehta Cheque 20,000 12/12/2014
18 Global Vision Cheque 20,000 13/12/2014

Pls contact ************************ or call ******************* for making a donation.

For Donations, pls find the account details below:

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IFSC code :- ***********************
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Branch :- *******************
Bank Address:- ********************************
If the money is sent in US Dollars then the SWIFT Code is *****************
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In case there is no response from the above mentioned email id, mail to us @ support@ngo.in3ator.com


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  1. I am srinivas ,IT professional . I know rajeev for 2 decades as a very good friend. He has always been around whenever me or any of our friends needed help. After a lot of ups and downs it was good to see him settle down with Kanchan but alas he had to face another uphil task of this ailment.But like always he has fought it out so far along with kanchan. I wish the minor challenge of financing his last surgery also go through by all well wishers help.

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