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Rajiv udyogasri

In the current budget for 2008-09 the state government has provided Rs.130 crore for the  program aimed  at  promoting skills among  rural and semi urban youth  and  make them compatible for  new economy  jobs .

Under the  SUCCESS   scheme  the   state government has provided  Rs.250 crore (  25 percent state share) for the  Rs.1000 crore   centrally sponsored scheme to  improve the level of eduction and skills of  students  in rural  schools.

The Rajiv Udyogasri is the yet another  flagship  program of the  AP government aimed  at  capacity building of the  rural youth  to achieve the  ambitious  target of one million jobs in the private sectors across the verticals at different positions in next two years. The game plan is   a four fold  program :

Immediate Plan: Man power shortage to be met by         Organizing frequent Job Melas to engage existing      talent/skilled Human   Resources and coordinate with         companies and skilled candidates.

Short Term Plan: Identify local establishments/sectors           manpower needs, identify local candidates, organize     necessary training programs.

Long Term Plan – Identify Needs of the Establishments   globally – Identify unemployed youth from catchments (preferably) –   Establish industry oriented training methodologies – Identify Govt. and Private Training Institutes, standardize Testing and Certification, Ensure Supply of competent man power to the Establishments .

HR Meets – Conducting meetings with different associations/groups of Industrialists, builders, retailers,   trade-unions, IT Companies, etc., at National level, State level and District level.

  • Besides running several skills development programs, It also acted as a nodal agency for all the government departments which are working on the employment generation activity like Rural Development, Youth Services, MA&UD, IT&C, Technical Education, Higher Education, NAC, Social Welfare, B.C. Welfare, Minority Welfare, etc.
  • Rajiv Udyogasri Society is conducting short term training programs for School drop-outs in different trades of I.T.Is like Fitter, Turner, Machinist, Welder, Plumber, Electrician, Diesel Mechanic, etc., to train 2.5 lakh persons in two years to meet the demand for four lakh skilled and semi skilled people.
  • Rajiv Udyogasri is corrdinating with National Academy of Construction to train people in the construction skills like Masons, Bar Benders, Plumbers, Painters, Centering work, etc. and has set a target of training 1,50,000 people in two years period.
  • In association with Commissioner Land Records and Settlement 20,000 youth were trained as Land Surveyors to facilitate man power availability for the Bhoo Bharathi program.
  • To train  100,000  persons through  the  APSRTC  as  drivers  for heavy and  Light vehicle drivers .
  • To train 10,000 in mining and earth movers sector through National Academy of Construction.
  • To train 40,000 youth in Facility management and Hotel Management.
  • Pilot program to train 30-60 persons in Travel and Tourism.
  • To train 50,000 persons against a demand for two lakh skilled   workers in textile sector in the new SEZ’s emerging in the state.
  • To train 60,000 security guards for both domestic and international markets.
  • Domestic assistants and helpers in cooking, house keeping, shopping, in the skills of driving, use of home appliances, telephone, mobile, computer basics.
  • Sales representatives and marketing executives for all business activities.
  • Health sector – medical tourism: Demand is huge and plans to train 50,000 youth in the first phase.
  • Retail sector – training in home delivery, door–to-door sales, rural exhibitions, etc.
  • Airlines related services, banking, finance, insurance, telecom.

A recent study by the CII,   the HR requirements in different sectors is identified for the next three years. As per statistics available the AP government has generated 1,98,365 jobs for the unemployed youth in the state at the rate of 36,804 (2005), 86,904 (2006), and 74,613 (2007)