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Retail Income Generation

LoPryz is a SEN initiative to provide dignity to the economically challenged classes by empowering NGOs in social entrepreneurship. Mentors from SEN will collaborate with NGOs for setting up the LoPryz store and manage them. Interested NGOs can apply by making a token payment of Rs.500.

There are triple benefits for NGOs:

  1.  Generate income for your NGO in a sustainable manner.
  2. Promote sustainable entrepreneurship within your target community creating livelihood opportunities.
  3. Avail professional support to augment your efforts and team without charge.

We are looking for early to mid stage NGOs who are looking for adding revenue streams by social entrepreneurship, under the guidance of the Sunmart team.

  • Fluent in Local language. Fluency in English/ Hindi is a plus.
  • Must have worked with business initiatives in the past, successfully or otherwise.
  • Ability to run and manage projects and programs autonomously in a start-up environment
  • Very strong organisational and planning skills
  • Passion for social business, renewable energy and dedication to transform the lives of the poor


  • Income is highly Incentive based. Salary options can be considered depending on the NGO.
  • Timings are flexible – with weekends being more active.
  • This position is only open if you are attached with an NGO.
  • Women are encouraged to apply.
  • Insurance, income, etc. will be provided in partnership with NGO following a 3 month trial period

Details of products and entrepreneurship are available at lopryz.in

Kindly include your designation, mobile number and convenient time to call. Your mobile number will not be shared.

A product company is working in collaboration with SEN to engage NGOs in an income generation plan.


  • Generate income by Referral – Identify the areas which have health risks & recommend solution. Click here.
  • Generate income by tailoring and related work. SBC Work 3.
  • NGOs will get support and training to work with this program eg training the program manager about program, communication, etc
  • Livelihood generation – People who can be trained to work in implementation/marketing. Click here.
  • Individuals will be trained for the skills required eg communication skills, product training, application training

Who can join?

  • NGOs who are working with healthcare institutions (eg hospitals, ambulance services, blood banks, pharmaceutical companies).
  • Individuals attached with such NGOs
  • For marketing -Having good communication skills (English) & presentation skills
  • For implementation- Well organized, having good attention to details

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