SBC Work 2

Work involves arranging qualified leads for a product company, making calls to them, recording the information properly and fixing up appointments. The work is divided into 5 different stages and the first two stages are passed on to the Skill Building Centres.


  • Only for NGOs with computers with WIFI
  • The computers and WIFI are available to the students for use for atleast 1 hour per day

We can start with 5 candidates with about 1 hr of work per day per candidate. This will involve using their computer skills and English Comprehension.

Payment will be based on units of work completed and not on the number of hours. There will be different kinds of work.

The work outlined below is given as an example.

  • Work will be allocated in Lots with defined timelines and specified number of units of work.
  • A unit of work involves collection of leads, capturing information in excel and call the leads to fix up appointment
  • SEN will share Rs.10 for 10 entries and Rs.5 for successful fixing up of appointments with the qualified prospects for first 2 stages for each unit of work. Call costs are to be borne by the skill building centres
  • Skill Building Centre can pay 70% of the amount to the candidate and retain 30% towards support activities.

A lot consists of arranging 10 qualified leads for a product company. The work and terms will be as mentioned above and this kind of work is suitable for both males and females.


  1. Better familiarity with spoken English and telephone etiquette
  2. Basic level preparation for jobs with call centres
  3. Improved confidence in verbal communication, understanding and using a telescript
  4. Familiarity with online reporting and excel/ google spreadsheet
  5. Familiarity with office reporting mechanisms including emails, online communications etc.
  6. Understanding of customer responses and exposure handling difficult situations
  7. A good foundation to launch in to a sales career

Kindly note these programs are meant for students and tailored in such a way that their learning is enhanced through actual work. The payment is not to be equated with salary and is provided as encouragement for the students to earn while learning. It is suggested that the students be allowed to work for not more than 6 months after completing their studies – Regular(10th, 12th, graduation, PG) or training (skill building).

Guidelines and training will be provided to the coordinator and the first batch of students by SEN for a token payment of Rs.500. SEN will not charge any penalties and work allocated would get paid. Follow on work would be based on quality of delivery. Precision is important. The SEN approach will allow the Skill Building Centre students to apply their learning on basic computer skills and English language in a graded manner and earn.