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Our services are targeted to the needy – the poor needy, the middle-class needy, the wealthy needy. We simply aim to facilitate not recreate so that maximum benefit can be derived TODAY. Our services are categorised into

  • Professional services – Lawyer, CA, CS, Doctor, Counsellors
  • Government Welfare Facilitation services – to NGOs, to beneficiaries
  • Management services – NGO club, NGO mentoring, Social Audits
  • Employment Xchange – jobless to employed


2 thoughts on “Services

  1. You are providing very helpful services to the needy people. I am a social worker. In my job profile I met so many different types of poor needy people. I have a request that please send the detailed information of application for fund because poor needy people want your financial support.

    1. Dear Ishwarkatti,

      Pls do share your location and NGO and community you work with. We look forward to knowing more about you.

      We work with NGOs and empower them to help needy people as you put it. We understand that the documentation work required for even government support which these needy people might be eligible for are also difficult.

      We are working on identifying and simplifying the process for these needy people and NGOs, and it will take time and effort for the same. At present we are working with Student Interns. Pls do not hesitate to refer serious candidates.

      Best, Raj.

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