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The AP Government has formulated an innovative scheme called UPADHI (Urban Programme for Advancement of Household Income) with a vision to focus and provide livelihoods to the poorest of the poor in slum areas. The uniqueness of UPADHI is provision of 100% placement after completion of training (placement linked training).

The goal is to provide the potential livelihood options for poor urban youth between the age group of 18-35 through skills building as per market requirements. So far 37,950 youth are trained and 29,750 are given placements.

Strategy is market scan for livelihood opportunities and employability, candidate selection through sadassus (road shows), 3-4 months training (includes job skills and life skills), Industry net work, Placement support, Post placement support.  It is proposed to provide placement linked trainings to at least 1,00,000 youth in next two years.

Wealth generated under the scheme so far is Rs.30 crores against the investment of Rs.6 crores on training and infrastructure.