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NGOs require funding, visibility, support and beneficiaries to work on their chosen cause. We are pleased to provide you this website site development and support offer to help you with these at affordable prices.

We have retained the services of CubecOnline for the “free” website services that we are providing for NGO’s. CubecOnline is a women-led initiative and is largely focusing on providing work opportunities for the retired, home managers and graduate and senior students. 

Special support for NGOs
It has been our observation that NGO’s with all their noble intentions  require professional services in reaching out to their target audience including donor agencies. A web-site is the best and least expensive way to achieve this.
Our on-going offering for NGO is to develop or redo their present websites. Details of the standard offer are available at http://www.cubeconline.com/col-website. For NGO’s this is offered at a 90% discount with added benefits which include a total of two years of free hosting. The NGO will get this for a net cost of Rs 5500 excluding domain registration.

Some additional salient points for a quick review,

  1. > You pay only for url registration and discounted hosting charges.
  2. > Development charges – 100% subsidized.
  3. > Updating the site as simple as typing into MS Word or copy-paste.
  4. > The proposition has been carefully structured keeping NGO constraints in mind.
    • >> Adding and modifying content content is very easy. Skill required is prerequisite to send emails with attachment
    • >> Training for above is provided
    • >> The site is hosted on a secure server with 24×7 server side support
    • >> Vulnerability scans are done multiple time daily
    • >> The Operating System, CMS and all components are kept updated on a regular basis.
    • >> Site can be accessed from mobile also and content uploaded.
    • >> one phone number and email id is provided for prompt assistance.
    • >> Content additions are provided by a dedicated team at a nominal charge.
    • >> Prompt responses and support assured – just one phone call away.
  5. > Access to student volunteers to keep the site updated and functional
  6. > Many more addons and freebies for NGOs coming in.


Work will be started only after the invoiced amount has been credited to our account. The rate card is available here. These rates will also be applicable for any additional requirements beyond our Fair-use limits. We thank you for having considered our proposition and we hope that you will find this useful and relevant to your NGO.

Kindly refer to interested NGO’s as appropriate.
Click on the button below to apply for a “Free” Website.

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